Grease Pre-Thickeners

Grease Gelling Applications Guide

Blachford offers a wide range of grease pre-thickener products for various applications.

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Key Advantages of Pre-Formed Thickeners

  • Superior Batch Uniformity
  • Reduction in Processing time (from days to hours in many cases)
  • No Water to Remove
  • Smaller Raw Material Inventory
  • Elimination of Problems (of improper chemical stoichiometry when making grease by in-situ reaction)
  • Greatly Improved Efficiency of Plant Personnel


The purpose of this document is to provide general information and advice. All our statements, formulations and recommendations are offered in good faith but without guarantee. Users of our products are themselves responsible for compliance with any legal provisions including those relating to patent laws and accident prevention. CALFORD is a registered trademark of H.L. Blachford Ltd.

For more information, please email us or refer to our Grease Additives Reference Guide.

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