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Coming in 2021, the Blachford Mississauga production facility will be SAFE FEED/SAFE FOOD (SFSF) certified to manufacture CALCIUM STEARATE Powders and Dispersions, meeting FOOD SAFETY MODERNIZATION ACT (FSMA) requirements, incorporating HACCP and GMP practices.

Blachford’s tallow and vegetable based CALCIUM STEARATE products impart Waterproofing and Anti-Caking properties to Feed applications including Premix, Salt Licks and Pellets.

All Blachford products are non-GMO (genetically modified organisms), pose no risk for BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) and are free of chick-edema factor.


Blachford offers truckload, pallet and less than pallet service across North America.


Please contact Blachford to discuss how CALCIUM STEARATE can be of benefit to you and your organization!

Product Data Sheets

CALCIUM STEARATE Powder – Product Data Sheet

CALCIUM STEARATE Dispersion – Product Data Sheet


Blachford is a proud member of the American Feed Industry Association.

To learn more about AFIA and SFSF, please visit the following websites:

American Feed Industry Association, Safe Feed/Safe Food

Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program

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